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China flag China called on Saturday for a worldwide crackdown onthe use of the Internet by religious extremists and terrorists to stamp out their ability to communicate their ideas and raise funds.China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi made the remarks during the annual gathering of the 193-nation U.N. General Assembly in New York. he said:

As new developments emerge in the global fight against terrorism, the international community should take new measures to address them.

In particular, it should focus on combating religious extremism and cyber terrorism, resolutely eliminate the roots and block channels of spreading terrorism and extremism.

UK Government arms Theresa May responded on Tuesday for the British government.

She announced policies for new Extremist Disruption Orders. Extremists will have to get posts on Facebook and Twitter approved in advance by the police under sweeping rules planned by the Conservatives. They will also be barred from speaking at public events if they represent a threat to the functioning of democracy , under the new Extremist Disruption Orders.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, will lay out plans to allow judges to ban people from broadcasting or protesting in certain places, as well as associating with specific people.

The Home Secretary will also introduce banning orders for extremist groups, which would make it a criminal offence to be a member of or raise funds for a group that spreads or promotes hatred. The maximum sentence could be up to 10 years in prison.

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Nazi Basterds Bombshells Michelle McGee Nazi Basterds & Bombshells consists of:

  • Nazithon: Decadence and Destruction (Documentary)
  • Deported Women of the SS Special Section (banned by the BBFC)
  • SS Hell Camp (aka The Beast in Heat, a video nasty)
  • Fraulein Devil
  • Frauleins in Uniform (cut by the BBFC)

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

  • 2014 Full Moon Nazi Basterds and Bombshells R0 DVD at US Amazon

Censorship History

Deported Women is a 1976 Italian women in prison film by Rino Di Silvestro.
With John Steiner, Lina Polito and Stefania D’Amario.
YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Banned by the BBFC for 1977 cinema release. Released uncut on pre-cert VHS. Available in the US

SS Hell Camp (aka The Beast in Heat) is a 1977 Italian Naziploitation by Luigi Batzella
With Macha Magall, Gino Turini and Edilio Kim.
YouTube icon IMDb

Banned as a video nasty in 1983. Not released in the UK since. Uncut and MPAA Unrated in the US.

Frauleins in Uniform is a 1973 Switzerland war thriller by Erwin C Dietrich.
Starring Elisabeth Felchner, Karin Heske and Renate Kasché. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Cut by the BBFC for 1974 cinema release. Various short versions exist.

Promotional Material

The Nazi BASTARDS AND BOMBSHELLS DVD set collects five of the most shocking and the most sizzling movies that the Nazi Exploitation genre has to offer! Packed to the brim with wild women, devious doctors, and furious fuhrers, Nazi Basterds and Bombshells will settle for nothing less than your unconditional surrender!

Featuring the Nazisploitation classics SS Hellcamp, Deported Women of the SS Special Section, Frauleins in Uniform, and Fraulein Devil, plus the modern retrospective Nazithon: Decadence and Destruction, this collection offers a history lesson like no other.

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Goldfinger Limited Edition Steelbook Blu ray Goldfinger is a 1964 UK James Bond film by Guy Hamilton.
With Sean Connery, Gert Fröbe and Honor Blackman. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb UK: Previously passed PG for:

  • 2014 20th Century Fox Steelbook RB Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 22nd September 2014

Censorship History

Thanks to GavinSalkeld. The 1964 Cinema cuts, presumably to the negative, as was often the norm in the 60s, persist to all cinema/video/DVD releases worldwide

  • Bonita getting out of the bath has been removed, so it now happens off-screen
  • The electrocution in the bath has been shortened
  • The scene of Bond and Jill Masterson together on the bed has been shortened

Promotional Material

From the opening bomb blast outside a steamy nightclub to a last-minute escape from the president’s personal jet, James Bond’s third screen adventure is an exhilarating, pulse-pounding thrill ride! Sean Connery returns as Agent 007 and faces off with a maniacal villain bent on destroying all the gold in Fort Knox, and obliterating the world economy! Goldfinger is “the best…of all the Bonds” (Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times)!

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object protest xbiz It is reported that 8 women from the campaign group Object picketed the XBIZ adult industry conference in London. They waved banners such as: Porn is censorship, it silences women. Object told newspaper reporters: Porn scenes often contain aggressive acts , explaining its protest and linking porn to violence and racism.

The independent also report from the inside the conference taking particular note of the adult potential for futuristic virtual reality equipment from Oculus Rift.

Jerry Barnett, the UK-based organiser of the conference, runs an organisation called Sex & Censorship and explains that the British porn industry operates under stricter constraints than those imposed in America and continental Europe:

The UK sex industry keeps a low profile — there’s a continual cycle of moral panic about sex.

Webcam services, involving live performances, have been identified as a growth area Webcam services, involving live performances, have been identified as a growth area.

The conference’s key sponsors are billing firms such as Epoch Payment Solutions and Netbilling, better-known names such as PayPal will not touch the porn industry. Another sponsor is an age-verification provider, a reflection of the comparatively strict identity checks demanded of porn subscribers in the UK. Barnett explained:

It’s a very onerous thing and has destroyed the industry in the UK. UK consumers buy their porn from American companies.

…Read the full article

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Subterranean London Cracking Bradley Garrett Subterranean London: Cracking the Capital by Bradley L. Garrett (Compiler), Stephen Walter (Illustrator), Will Self (Foreword) Promotional Material

Bradley L. Garrett is researcher at the University of Oxford. His writing and photographyhas been featured in media around the world. Garrett is the author of Explore Everything: Place-Hacking the City. Will Self is a London-based journalist and the author of nine novels. His most recent book, Umbrella,was published in paperback in April 2013. Stephen Walter is an obsessive draftsman educated at the Royal College of Art. His interest in the semiotics and the phenomenon of place often finds form in hand-drawn maps.See  article from

Bradley L Garrett and his colleagues thought of their explorations and photographs as a form of public service. We were going to take photographs of parts of the city that people don’t normally see and share them with the public.

The British Transport Police saw the situation differently.

In August 2012, upon returning to England from Cambodia , Garrett’s plane was stopped on the runway at Heathrow. British Transport Police boarded, handcuffed him, and escorted him off the plane. He was taken through passport control, where officials seized his passport and then placed him in custody for 24 hours.

Elsewhere, police took a battering ram to the front door of his London home and confiscated his property, including his phone and the entire contents of his filing cabinet, research notes and all. Authorities also raided the homes of ten other people, identified from reading Garrett’s ethnographic Ph.D. thesis on urban exploration.

Over the next two years, the defendants could not leave the country. Relationships fizzled out. Job contracts were cut short. Garrett didn’t see his family and was denied permission to attend the funeral of a friend, journalist Matthew Power, who passed away in Uganda in March.

When the case finally came to court this year, it collapsed within two weeks. As The Guardian reported, Garrett pleaded guilty to five counts of criminal damage to railway property and avoided jail.

…Read the full article featuring some excellent photos from the book

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Poster Horns 2013 Alexandre Aja Horns is a 2013 USA / Canada horror fantasy thriller by Alexandre Aja.
Starring Juno Temple, Daniel Radcliffe and Heather Graham. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb UK: Passed 15 for strong bloody violence, sexual violence, sex, nudity, language, drug use after pre-cut for:

  • 2014 cinema release

TheBBFC commented:

  • This work was originally seen for advice. The company was advised that the film was likely to receive an 18 certificate but that their preferred 15 classification could be achieved by making cuts to reduce a scene of sexual violence and to reduce a very strong gory image. When the film was submitted for formal classification, edits had been made and the film was classified 15.

Summary Notes

In the aftermath of his girlfriend’s mysterious death, a young man awakens to strange horns sprouting from his temples.

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Found Gavin Brown Found is a 2012 USA horror thriller by Scott Schirmer.
Starring Gavin Brown, Ethan Philbeck and Phyllis Munro. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb The film was cut by the BBFC for an 18 rated 2014 DVD release. Uncut in the US. Cut by 2 minutes in Australia after being initially banned.

UK: Passed 18 for strong bloody violence,sexualised violence, gory images after 4s ofBBFC compulsory cuts for:

TheBBFC commented:

  • A cut was required to remove sight of a murderer’s erect penis, during a scene of sadistic sexualised violence and threat.

The BBFC also provide Extended Classification Information (includes spoilers) :

FOUND is a horror film about a horror-obsessed boy who discovers his older brother is a serial killer.

Scenes of strong bloody violence include sight of beheadings and stabbings. There are strong gory images, both during violence and in the aftermath of violence, including sight of entrails and sight of eyes being gouged out of a severed head and eaten.

In one scene, a woman is tied up and partially stripped, after which it is implied that her breast has been cut off. Although aftemath sight of her bloody chest is seen, there is no detail of the actual cutting. Elsewhere, a rape is attempted but stopped. Another scene implies that sexual violence is taking place off screen.

The film also contains occasional use of strong language (‘fuck’), as well as discriminatory terms, such as faggot . There is also strong threat, moderate sex references and breast nudity.

It has been suggested that the BBFC comments about violence being offscreen suggested a pre-cut version. But reviews of the presumably uncut US release concur that some of the climatic violence occurs offscreen in the US release too. (See review from .

Taking a closer at the release information, note that the BBFC recorded running time of 103:11s includes 2 components:

  • 97:10s Found
  • 6:04s Dark Dwellers which is the fake horror film featured in the main film (along with a 2nd fake horror, titled Headless

The difference in running time has caused a little confusion in Australia with a version cut by around 2 minutes being noted with a running time 7 minutes less that the original submission. The 5m discrepancy could either be down to a PAL speed up, or else now  could be due to some running times not including the associated Dark Dwellers fake horrors.