Exposé…Severin to release uncut video nasty in the US

Posted: 3 February, 2009 in video nasty

ExposeExpose is a 1975 UK video by James Kenelm Clarke and is also known as House On Straw Hill.

Filmmaker/DVD producer David Gregory, gave Fangoria the scoop on a new disc he’s working on for Severin Films: We’ve picked up the rights to EXPOSÉ, a.k.a. HOUSE ON STRAW HILL, with Udo Kier and Linda Hayden.

The 1976 chiller, written and directed by James Kenelm Clarke, stars Fango fave Kier as a writer who retreats to a remote house in the British countryside to work on his new novel, accompanied by a secretary (Hayden) who turns out to have a dark side.

We will most likely release the DVD under the U.S. HOUSE title, Gregory says: though it’s better known to me and my UK-based Severin partner Carl Daft as EXPOSÉ, the title under which it was banned in England. We have a soft, nostalgic spot for any film that was tagged as a ‘Video Nasty’ in England in the ’80s. HOUSE was always one of the rarest, sleaziest and, well, nastiest of the bunch.

We’re delighted to be putting it out with a new transfer from the original, uncut negative, and a featurette and commentary are already in the can. The featurette includes the delightful Linda Hayden, who has, up until this point, been curiously silent about her participation in this notorious film.

All UK video versions from 1997 to the Village Entertainment version of 2006 have suffered the same 51s of BBFC cuts.

  • Two country boys threaten Linda Hayden with a shotgun and force her to have sex with each of them. The scene goes on for a long time and the guys are shown to be clearly enjoying it whilst the woman rubs her hand up and down the shotgun in a very suggestive manner. The fact that she manages to shoot them both didn’t appease the BBFC who cut almost the entire scene.
  • Also a scene showing Fiona Richmond getting murdered in the shower has been reduced to eliminate blood on the breasts.

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