Vase de Noces…Dangerous pictures of pigs in a new Swedish DVD

Posted: 9 April, 2009 in New Releases
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Vase de NocesThe censorship icon, Vase de Noces, is a 1974 Belgian art house film by Thierry Zeno.

The black and white film without dialogue which was very controversial in its day. It was programmed for the London Film Festival until Customs seized it. It did get a showing at the NFT in 1976 though. It’s never got as far as the BBFC.

It’s about a man who lives alone on a farm with his pigs. He falls in love with the sow, has sex with her (simulated). She then gives birth to human/porcine hybrids.

The DVD is now set to be released on 27th May 2009 by the Swedish distributor Njuta Films.

As to whether the simulated sex scenes with a pig are realistic enough to get Brits 2 years in prison for dangerous pictures, then a bit of further research may be in order.

See review from IMDb: Demented farmer

Can you think of anything more interesting than seeing a demented farmer walk around his farm for 80 minutes, occasionally playing dress-up with his birds, beheading his chickens, and having steamy sex with his wife, who happens to be a pig? I know I can.

Which is quite sad, because the description on IMDb really made this seem like a movie worth seeing, if only for its originality and absurdity. Unfortunately, everything negative that has been said about this movie is true: it moves at a snail’s pace, it’s uninteresting, very disgusting, and ultimately not worth seeing.

I fail to see the deeper meaning of a man running around naked in the mud chasing a sow, but then again, I never was that good at reading between the lines. What do I know? Maybe this is the epitome of genius, but I found it to be a waste of time and chances are that so will you.


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