More Boobs…Old BBFC cuts to Russ Meyer’s Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers

Posted: 10 June, 2009 in BBFC cuts, BBFC Uncut
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The uncut region 0 DVD is available at UK Amazon

The uncut region 0 DVD is available via US Amazon
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Russ Meyer CollectionFinders Keepers, Lovers Weepers is a 1968 US crime drama by Russ Meyer .

Cuts were waived for the 2005 Freemantlemedia  DVD.

Previously, the BBFC cut 52s from the 1999 Polygram video

  • At 35 mins – In marital rape scene, after man begins to instigate sex with woman, and after her whispered dialogue line Oh God…no…please, remove all sight of him ripping open her night-dress to expose her breasts and lying on top of her with her breast clearly visible. Resume on close shot of his back and arm.
  • At 62.5 mins – In robbery scene at bar, after woman is thrown onto pool table, and after man with red kerchief round neck shouts Stop it and man with acetylene torch laughs, remove all subsequent long shot of her struggling as her clothing is pulled open to reveal her breasts and man forces himself on top of her. Resume on close shot of man with red kerchief shouting Stop it…the combination’s taped under the bar…

ee review from IMDb: Underrated and unnoticed

This film tends to touch base on issues in several other of his films. In Vixen, the issue was marital bliss and touched on the concept of partner swapping. A similar notion is touched on in Finders Keepers in marital fidelity, and promoting the concept that no one goes unpunished.

It contains the nudity and light humor of his other flicks. It’s not one of his more known films, but is worth checking out even if only once. The movie actually has a good plot to it, with senses of drama and a sense of urgency that keeps the pace going from start to finish.


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