Demon Censors…Recent US DVD release of video nasty Night of the Demon

Posted: 8 January, 2012 in New Releases, video nasty
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Marias B Movie Mayhem Night Demon KanellisNight of the Demon is a 1980 US horror by James C Wasson.
With Michael Cutt, Joy Allen and Bob Collins. See IMDb

US: Uncut and MPAA R Rated for:

  • US 2011 Code Red Maria’s B-Movie Mayhem R1 DVD via UK Amazon and at US Amazon released in October 2011.
  • US Miracle R1 DVD

Note that the US Amazon import is very much cheaper that the sellers on UK Amazon.

Video Nasty

Released by Vipco in June 1982. Banned as a video nasty in October 1983. It stayed on the list throughout the panic and so became one of the collectable DPP39’sIt was last seen in the UK when it was re-released after 1:41s of BBFC cuts on video in 1994 by Vipco

Summary Review: Cheap

Another film that is something like an urban legend: being banned in countries like Germany or Norway and also very hard to find. The reputation of Night of the Demon is much more interesting than the movie itself!

The story is simple: a professor and some students travel to the dark forests to investigate some cruel murders which were caused by a Bigfoot-like monster that looks like Chewbacca from Star Wars. A feeble minded woman who lives in a lonely hut plays an important role in the solution of the mystery.

Well, the acting is bad, the F/X are pretty cheesy and only the many murders featured in this flick will keep you away from falling asleep! These deaths however are pretty are gory and violent, so fans of splatter movies won’t be disappointed!


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