Moralist with No Morals…Claire Perry threatens to use her influence to get journalist sacked after making technically illiterate claims about the hacking of her website

Posted: 25 July, 2013 in UK Censor News
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Clair PerryClaire Perry acts as David Cameron’s Mary Whitehouse, pushing for internet censorship in the name of ‘protecting the children’.

Well her website was recently hacked and defaced with links to pornographic images.

When Guido Fawkes, a reporter and blogger, wrote about it on his website, Perry took to Twitter to ludicrously accuse him of sponsoring the hack, and publicly announced that she would be speaking to his editor at the Sun (Fawkes has a column with the tabloid) to punish him for writing about her embarrassment.

She was way out of her depth in speaking about technical details of the hack that it makes her appointment as internet censorship adviser seem very dodgy.

The accusations that Guido Fawkes had something to do with the hacking has led the blogger to consider taking her to court.

Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing noted of her conduct:

When a powerful politician threatens to get journalists fired for reporting inconvenient news, she abuses her office and acts as a public bully. Perry is perfectly awful in every single way, and has committed a major ethical breach, as well as likely violating Britain’s (ridiculous) libel laws.


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