Throwing in the Towel…Channel 4 censors cut Jewel in the Nile

Posted: 5 January, 2014 in TV News
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Thanks to Sutton

Jewel Nile DVD Michael Douglas I happened to be watching The Jewel Of The Nile on Channel 4 on January 2nd. As expected all the swearing was missing or toned down, but I noticed an interesting edit that Channel 4 had made.It occurs in the scene where Ralph finds Jack and Joan bound over the bottomless well and the Jewel is chained up. When the Jewel tells Ralph who he really is, Ralph’s response is And I’m a kumquat from Queens . But I noticed that Channel 4 cut out the next line where Ralph then says Pipe down, towelhead .

Understanding what that means obviously, that’s the first time I’ve heard that line cut out of the film. Is Channel 4 trying not to offend members of the Arab and Muslim world by cutting out that line, or have Channel 4 panicked a little, now that someone has finally figured out after 29 years what the term towelhead means?


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