Widespread Offence of One Person…Ofcom censors mildly sexy material after 10pm on babe channel, Red Light 2

Posted: 10 January, 2014 in Ofcom TV Censor, Sex on TV
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redlight central logoRed Light Central
Red Light 2, 31 August 2013, 22:00

Red Light Central is interactive adult sex chat advertising content broadcast on the service Red Light 2, which is available freely without a requirement for mandatory restricted access on Sky channel number 902. The licence for this service is owned and operated by Playboy UK TV Limited.

Ofcom received a complaint that at 22:10 two female presenters appeared on-screen together miming sexual acts with one another. The presenters, who wore white thongs and white lace vests (which for much of the time were pulled down to reveal their breasts), were in a set designed to look like a bathroom. During the broadcast they were shown touching each other’s breasts and buttocks, rubbing their breasts against each other and miming sexual acts together. At approximately 22:48 the presenters went into the bathtub and rubbed water onto each other’s breasts and buttocks and continued to mime sexual acts such as masturbation and oral sex. The presenters, when addressing the viewers, said that this was a special two for one and it was the first official two for one on the service and that the presenters were horny for each other .

Ofcom considered Rule 4.2 of the BCAP Code, which states:

Advertisements must not cause serious or widespread offence against generally accepted moral, social or cultural standards. .

Ofcom also considered censorship rules for babe channels published in February 2013: licensees should:

Take particular care if two or more presenters appear together on-screen. If there is any contact between the presenters of an erotic or sexual nature (for example kissing, stroking or contact between thighs, breasts or genital areas) or any miming or simulation of a sexual act performed by one presenter on another, in Ofcom’s view there is a high risk of causing serious or widespread offence against generally accepted standards.

Ofcom Decision: Breach of BCAP Code Rule 4.2

Between 22:10 and 22:48 the two female presenters adopted a variety of sexual positions, such as on all fours with their buttocks facing the camera, and lying back with their legs apart, and touched, stroked and rubbed one another with the intention of making viewers think that they were engaging in sexual acts with one another. These acts, which were mimed, included stroking the other’s buttocks and massaging the other’s breasts, rubbing their breasts together, and miming oral sex as one presenter lay back with her legs apart. In addition, the presenters moved continuously rubbing their bodies together so that their breasts rubbed against the other’s body, including her buttocks. At 22:48, the two presenters got into the bathtub, pulled each other’s tops down to their waists, and rubbed water and foam into one another’s breasts. In addition, one presenter sat in the bathtub with her legs wide open as the other presenter mimed oral sex.

Ofcom noted that the actions were mimed and no genital or anal detail was visible. However, in Ofcom’s view the material clearly showed continuous contact between the presenters as they stroked each other’s breasts and buttocks and the material featured the miming of sexual acts by one presenter on the other. This is clearly at odds with the Guidance. In Ofcom’s view, the broadcast of this material in adult chat advertising content was likely to cause serious or widespread offence.

Ofcom has noted that in this instance the Licensee accepted immediately that this content was at odds with the published Guidance. Ofcom therefore advises licensees, providing similar long-form advertising and PRS material, that to ensure compliance with the BCAP Code there is no contact between presenters of an erotic or sexual nature when two presenters appear on-screen at the same time.

Preliminary View: Breach of BCAP Code Rule 4.2


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