Not Fit For Purpose…LibDems distance themselves from Cameron’s crap website blocking scheme

Posted: 11 January, 2014 in Internet Blocking, UK Parliament
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Lib Dems logoLiberal Democrats have vowed to overturn David Cameron’s plans to install crap website blocking systems on home networks by default.Lib Dem party president Tim Farron said the Government should enshrine the digital rights of the citizen and halt requirement for filters, lists or controls on legal material . R

Farron said filters were misconceived, ineffective and illiberal . A motion set to be adopted at the party’s spring conference will say families and individuals should decide how they wish to use them . He warned essential sites on sex education and gay rights were being blocked, while porn was slipping through filters. He said:

Our motion is designed to strengthen Lib Dem ministers’ hands in challenging this nonsensical policy, which has yet to be brought before the House of Commons.

If the Prime Minister really wanted to protect children from inappropriate material, he’d ensure they had access to good sexual health and relationship education.

Conservative MP Julian Smith claimed: Tim Farron is clearly putting his Lib Dem leadership ambitions ahead of our children’s protection.

Helen Goodman, Labour’s media spokesman, said:

It is important our children are protected from 18-rated material. That should not include gay helplines or normal sex education websites but if anything the initial problems strengthen my belief that we need one unified standard and filtering system.

Labour has pledged to bring in mandatory filters if the coalition’s voluntary approach is found to have failed. The party wants all filters to abide by British Board of Film Classification ratings.


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