From the Archive: Robocop…BBFC reveals thoughts about its 18 uncut rating for the original theatrical release in 1987

Posted: 10 February, 2014 in BBFC cuts
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Robocop DVD Peter Weller RoboCop is a 1987 USA action crime film by Paul Verhoeven.
With Peter Weller, Nancy Allen and Dan O’Herlihy. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDbThe Theatrical Version was cut for an R rating. This cut version was released in the UK without further BBFC Cuts. The cuts were restored for the Director’s Cut released in the US and UK

The BBFC commented:

The violence and gore, in combination with scenes of drug use, pushed Robocop clearly into the 18 category in 1987. The strong comic book influence was recognised, as was the clear distinction between good and bad, with a hero always on the side of right giving the film a firm moral base .

Overall, the slightly offbeat and tongue-in-cheek tone of the film serves to ameliorate the loving care and attention with which Verhoeven treats the violence. Robocop (1987) was passed 18 uncut for theatrical release, and all subsequent video, DVD and Blu-ray releases have been passed 18, uncut.

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