Bloodsucking Freaks…Joel M Reed’s notable and iconic horror finally gets a UK release on DVD and Blu-ray

Posted: 15 February, 2014 in BBFC Uncut
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Bloodsucking Freaks Blu ray Seamus OBrien Bloodsucking Freaks is a 1976 USA horror by Joel M Reed.
With Seamus O’Brien, Viju Krem and Luis De Jesus. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

UK: Presumably the Director’s Cut was passed 18 uncut for strong gory violence and nudity for:

UK Censorship History

Unavailable in the UK from 1976 until 2014.Presumably this was down to fear that the BBFC was sure to ban the film and it wasn’t worth the money to try for a release.

The film was shown on the Horror Channel towards the end of this period

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One of the most popular cult classics in film history, Bloodsucking Freaks is the gore-chocked masterpiece from director Joel M. Reed. Bloodsucking Freaks is a Grand Guignol tale of horror set in a New York theatre of the macabre, where the audience gets sex, violence, and cannibalism! No one can remain unmoved by the intense scenes of carnage–from the human dartboard to the infamous brain sucking scene. Bloodsucking Freaks is guaranteed to turn stomachs! This movie has made every top ten disturbing film list, so be sure to see what people protested against back in 1975.


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