Insulting Free Speech…French satirical magazine in court for a trivial insult about the Koran

Posted: 18 February, 2014 in EU
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charlie hebdo logoEasily offended French Muslims are taking satirical paper Charlie Hebdo to court for blasphemy over a front page insult of the Koran.A court in Strasbourg set the hearing into Charlie Hebdo’s supposed blasphemy for 7 April.

A Muslim legal defence group brought the case over a front page headlined The Koran is shit .

Blasphemy is not an offence in France. The trial will be a test case because, although it bans public insulting religious communities established on the territory , the agreement on the law only recognises Catholicism, three forms of Protestantism and Judaism.

A hearing has also been set for the 7 April in a case against former decentralisation minister Claude Goasguen that accuses him of offending the honour and dignity of the Muslim community . Speaking to a gala organised by a pro-Israel group, KKL, Goasguen claimed that the history of the Holocaust could no longer be taught in French schools because people are so scared of the reaction of young Muslims who have been drugged in the mosques .

Lawyer Khadija Aoudia, acting for one of France’s two major Muslim associations, the CFCM, said that media coverage of Goasguen’s remarks feed Islamophobia and create a strong feeling of rejection .


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