Bad Dreams/Visiting Hours…Video Nasty just got its first Blu-ray release on 18th February via the US label Shout! Factory

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Bad Dreams Visiting Hours Blu ray US: Uncut and MPAA R rated for:

Bad Dreams is a 1988 USA horror thriller by Andrew Fleming.
With Jennifer Rubin, Bruce Abbott and Richard Lynch. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

UK Censorship History

UK: Passed 18 after 0:22s of BBFC cuts for:

  • 1989 CBS/Fox Video Video

Cuts details from IMDb:

  • to remove closeup shots of self-mutilation with a knife and a scalpel
  • to reduce a scene where a man is repeatedly hit by a car.

See further details at Melon Farmers Film Cuts: Bad Dreams

Summary Notes: Underrated Entertainment

In the mid-’70s, a cult group called Unity Field commits mass suicide, but a young girl survives. After being in a coma for thirteen years she wakes up in a psyche ward, not remembering the incident. The psychiatrist tries to help her remember, but she begins seeing the leader of the cult talking to her from the grave, and the other members of her therapy group begin to commit suicide around her. Or is it suicide?

Bad Dreams is a cut above most others for many reasons. The film is filled with surrealistic arresting images-in particular, the house where the mass suicide took place is an intriguing looking building, tragically beautiful. The acting is better than in most horror films. Jennifer Rubin is especially good. In short, Bad Dreams is a must see.

Visiting Hours is a 1982 Canada horror thriller by Jean-Claude Lord.
With Michael Ironside, Lee Grant and Linda Purl. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

UK Censorship History

Cut by the BBFC for 1982 cinema release.

The same cut version was briefly banned as Video Nasty in 1984.

Released again in the same cut form on VHS in 1986.

See pictorial cuts details from :

  • Cut to edit a scene where Colt traces his switchblade knife across Lisa before slashing her shirt
  • Cuts to shots of Colt stabbing Sheila and to her pained facial expression
  • Then more cuts in the same scene with Colt kicking her Sheila to get a response for the photographs he is taking of her.

See further details at Melon Farmers Film Cuts: Visiting Hours

Summary Review: Not your everyday slasher

A crazed, women-hating killer (Ironside) attacks journalist Deborah Ballin (Grant). When he discovers that his attack didn’t kill Deborah, he comes to the hospital to finish what he started.

The movie is really quite tense at times. The attack at Deborah’s home is frightening, especially the dumb waiter scene. And the climactic chase is amazingly pulled off. The acting is alright and the music is also to note, and adds a lot of atmosphere.

This is much different from what you’d probably expect, and is worth a look. Definitely not your everyday slasher.


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