Passed 15 for moderate scariness…BBFC guideline changes for 2014 come into effect

Posted: 24 February, 2014 in BBFC
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bbfc guidelines 2014 The BBFC’s latest update to their guidelines has come into effect today.The changes won’t make any difference to more than a handful of films, but the main changes are:

  • Antisocial behaviour will become a new issue to consider U, PG and 12 rated films
  • There will be less violence allowed in U rated films
  • 12 rated films may contain more strong language at the discretion of the BBFC
  • 15 rated films will contain the full range of strong language, previously some films were rated 18 just for strong language.
  • Some films may be rated 15 instead of 12 just for being scary, even when the low level of violence does not really require a 15.
  • R18 films may now contain ‘moderate’ BDSM’. Previously this was limited to ‘mild’ BDSM

See also detailed changes to guidelines


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