Recommended by Tesco and the Gloucester Citizen newspaper…Tesco bans The Hospital, an 18 rated low budget horror

Posted: 20 March, 2014 in New Releases, UK Censor News
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Hospital DVD Jim ORear The Hospital is a 2013 USA horror by Tommy Golden and Daniel Emery Taylor.
With Jim O’Rear, Daniel Emery Taylor and John Dugan. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDbUK: Passed 18 uncut by the BBFC for strong violence, sex and sexual violence for:

  • 2014 Point Blank R2 DVD at UK Amazon released on 3rd March 2014 (But read the reviews first, some are appalling)

Tesco censors have removed a horror film featuring strong sexual violence from sale in all stores nationwide after being alerted to the content by the Citizen, a local newspaper.

The Hospital is rated 18 by the BBFC and was on sale for £ 8 in a Gloucester Tesco store. The theme of the film was about snuff movies being filmed at the abandoned hospital. It features scenes of rape of both men and women as well as scenes of sexual torture using an electric drill.

Matt Holmes, the easily shocked and rather unobservant Content Editor of the Citizen, said:

I love horror films and I am not easily shocked… BUT … I wasn’t prepared for the graphic sexually violent scenes depicted in this film.

I would have no problem with the film being sold online or available for rent but I didn’t expect to see it for sale in Tesco.

I was also surprised having watched it that there was nothing on the cover warning of the extreme nature of the content as you normally see on films like this.

Actually the DVD’s cover describes the film as bloody, violent and creepy as hell and said it was the sickest film since Rosemary’s baby. (admittedly Rosemary’s baby is hardly the ‘sickest’ film around)

The newspaper adds that the BBFC warning does not make reference to the extreme sexually violent content of the film.

Actually the BBFC consumer advice reads: Contains strong violence, sex and sexual violence :.

A Tesco spokesperson said:

The Hospital is approved for general release and rated 18. However, on this occasion, we’ve made the judgement to remove it from sale. We are always pleased to listen to feedback and remain focused on offering the most popular titles to our customers.


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