Victim…1961 UK crime drama by Basil Dearden set for UK Blu-ray release on 19th May 2014

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Victim Blu ray Dirk Bogarde Victim is a 1961 UK crime drama by Basil Dearden.
Starring Dirk Bogarde, Sylvia Syms and Dennis Price. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb UK: Passed 18 uncut for:

Censorship history

An important landmark in censorship history as it was the first UK film to mention the word ‘homosexual’.

The BBFC cut 1 line of dialogue for an X rated cinema release, albeit after an appeal which cancelled 3 other cuts to dialogue.

The age classification tumbled from 16 in 1961, 15 in 1986, 12 in 2004 and PG in 2005.

The US release was also controversial with an initial refusal in 1961 for a rating under the Hayes Code. Times were a changing and the film was released the following year.

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Promotional Material

Banned on its original theatrical release in the United States and highly controversial in Britain, this BAFTA-nominated story of deception, blackmail and revenge stars Dirk Bogarde in a brave, career-best performance as a prosperous young barrister with a dark secret. With powerful direction from Basil Dearden and strong supporting performances from both Sylvia Syms and Dennis Price, Victim is featured here in a High Definition transfer made from original film elements in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

The police are after Jack Barrett, who has stolen several thousand pounds and is now on the run. He tries desperately to get in touch with Melville Farr, a prosperous young barrister with a beautiful wife but, cornered and arrested by the police he commits suicide in his prison cell rather than answer their questions.


  • Dirk Bogarde in Conversation – an extensive interview with Bogarde where he talks frankly about his career
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • Four image galleries, including extensive promotional and behind-the-scenes shots
  • promotional material PDFs

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