Bailiffs fail to get their foot in the censorship door…High court refuse to ban BBC Panorama programme criticising bailiffs

Posted: 8 April, 2014 in Law Court Censorship, TV News
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bbc panorama logoA well known TV bailiff has failed in a high court bid to censor a John Sweeney Panorama investigation into debt recovery being broadcast.Jamie Waller’s JBW Group tried to get an injunction against the BBC programme, which is due to air on Monday night, after it learned of undercover filming of staff working for the company.

Monday night’s Panorama goes undercover to expose the bailiffs who seize cars and demand huge fees in what has become a multi-million pound business chasing unpaid parking tickets.

A BBC spokesman confirmed on Monday the attempt to block the programme and said the company had argued in its application that it should be granted the injunction of the grounds of defamation. It was denied the application by a high court judge, Mr Justice Tugendhat, on Friday.

The independent production company making the Panorama film, Snapper, sent a letter alleging that the company had breached relevant regulation, guidelines and committed unlawful acts by its agents . JBW Group said it had provided a detailed response to the letter comprehensively dealing with all points and allegations made by Snapper .

A BBC statement about the programme stated:

Bailiffs recovering debts for local authorities say they do a public service, hunting down those who don’t pay up. But Panorama has evidence that some bailiffs are intimidating motorists, exaggerating their powers and pumping up fees.


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