Credit card only rule decimates 80-90% of sales…Pornography producer Chris Ratcliff of Portland (Television X) argues blocking online adult content that fails to verify customer age could be the boost the dwindling UK industry needs

Posted: 11 April, 2014 in ATVOD VOD Censor
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TVXPeople access Pornhub and alike because they’re easy to access and free, and Ratcliff admits to Portland’s services taking an initial hit when it implemented age verification, largely because people don’t want to pay with credit cards. Competing with free sites had become almost impossible , he says, and that is why industry balked at the idea of adding further layers between them and customers. The UK industry used to be tiny, Barnett tells, since Atvod cashed it out it’s almost non existent.

Other studios I know have changed the settings for purchasing of their products, so that only credit cards can be accepted, Femdom site owner Itziar Urrutia Ko told This has in all cases I have heard of, reduced sales to as little as ten to 20 percent of the previous earnings. As a result, studios are closing down all over UK. It would stand to reason that a studio like Portland, with its many arms, can withstand this storm.

Ratcliff reintroduced debit card transactions as soon as people were verified, and credit or electoral roll checks, driving license or passports can be used.

This brings up key issues round people’s desire to remain anonymous, though, and their reluctance to ID themselves on an adult site where there might not be that basis of trust .

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