Zombie Whingers…ASA dismisses complaints about a TV advert for Dead Rising 3

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Zombie Whingers…ASA dismisses complaints about a TV advert for Dead Rising 3

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Dead Rising 3 Xbox One A TV ad, for the computer game Dead Rising 3 , presented in the style of a news broadcast featured the newsreader with blood on her clothes and in her hair. Partial text on screen stated ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE . The camera shook and studio lights flickered; a zombie shadow was seen in the background and the shaking legs of another zombie were shown sticking up from the floor. The newsreader described a possible saviour for mankind before she slumped forward, splattering blood. Straightening up, she was revealed as a white faced, bloodied zombie, before she lurched towards the camera. Small monitor screens on the right of the screen showed clips from the game throughout the ad.

The ad was cleared by Clearcast with a post-9 pm restriction.

Three viewers challenged whether the ad was suitable for broadcast, because of the distressing and graphic images.

ASA Assessment: Complaints not upheld

The ASA noted the ad was intended for a post-9 pm audience and had been scheduled during a season of horror, science fiction and action programmes where the zombie theme would not appear out of place. Although there were some elements of horror in the ad with the blood splattered newsreader transforming into a white faced zombie lurching towards the camera, we considered that the clearly over-the-top acting and comic tone, such as a pair of shaking legs sticking up from the floor, removed any real element of horror or distress from the ad. We also noted the ad did not include any violence or graphic horror action.

We acknowledged that the ad would not be suitable for a younger audience, who would be unlikely to understand the comic nature of the ad, but concluded that the ad was not unsuitable for broadcast after 9pm.

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