Internet censors look forward to more jobs…ATVOD board meeting minutes reveals a little of plans for more internet censorship

Posted: 29 May, 2014 in ATVOD VOD Censor
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ATVOD with award for service to foreign industryATVOD have published minutes from a board meeting on 25th March 2015. This includes a few snippets about various strands of internet censorship.The censorship of hardcore porn on the internet has previously been included under the following heading. New rules include mandatory age verification and the banning of porn beyond R18, eg fisting and golden showers.

DCMS Strategy Paper

The Board NOTED that DCMS had confirmed the intention to legislate in relation to UK services through secondary legislation. The details will be discussed with ATVOD on 3 April 2014.

The Board NOTED the action taken by DCMS and Ofcom with media regulators to create a common framework for media standards.

Restricting payments to non-UK websites

The Board NOTED the report of the third summit meeting on 6 February with representatives of the payments industry. The decisions reached at a further meeting on 25 March were reported; the preferred mechanism for the payments industry would be a licensing regime for providers of websites, similar to that to be used for the gambling industry.

Presumably the IWF don’t want to jeopardise their 100% support for action against child porn by taking on the unpopular job of being a good for nothing internet censor. It seems that ATVOD are greedily looking forward to taking on the dirty work.

Obscene Material

It was noted that the IWF had published a report recommending that it give up its work in relation to adult obscene content. It was possible that ATVOD might be approached in relation any such move. It was AGREED that ATVOD would take no action until and unless an approach was made.

And it appears that the authorities are working out how to spin a report that presumably does not quite support ATVOD’s case.

Research on underage access to adult websites

The Board considered the confidential report, together with a recent letter to DCMS, and welcomed the considerable preparatory work undertaken by Ian McBride, Ruth Evans and Nigel Walmsley. The process for publication and anticipated coverage post-publication were discussed.

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