A Fistful of Dollars…BBFC cuts list revealed for the 1967 cinema release

Posted: 13 June, 2014 in BBFC cuts
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Man No Name Trilogy Blu ray For a Fistful of Dollars is a 1964 Italy / Spain / West Germany western by Sergio Leone.
Starring Clint Eastwood, Gian Maria Volonté and Marianne Koch. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb Cut by the BBFC for an X (16) rated 1967 cinema release and it seems the same version was released again in 1981. Uncut on home video since 1999.

UK: Passed X (16) after BBFC cuts for:

  • 1967 cinema release

The BBFC cuts were:

  • Reel 4 – Reduce to a bare minimum the beating up of Joe [Clint Eastwood]. Also remove the kicks and stamping on his hand. Reduce the number of shots of his disfigured face, especially in close up.
  • Reel 4 – Reduce to a minimum the shots and sounds of the beating up of the cantina’s owner.
  • Reel 5 – Remove as far as possible all close shots of the massacre of the Baxters and shorten the rest, including the murder of Mrs Baxter. [All shots of men on fire were removed along with the shot of Mrs Baxter falling backwards after being hit with a bullet].
  • Reel 5 – Shorten the episode in which the cantina’s owner is strung up and tortured.
  • Reel 5 – Remove shots of Ramon dripping blood from his mouth.

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