Updated: Prudes and Moralists Win…Judge turns down appeal to save Oscar’s gay cinema in Islington

Posted: 16 June, 2014 in UK Censor News
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Old Bailey A gay sex cinema has lost its battle with Islington Council to get back its licence and now faces imminent closure. A council snitch had reported that he had visited and found men kissing and fondling each other. On Wednesday, a Highbury Magistrates’ Court district judge rejected an appeal by the owners, after finding the licensee Mr Papworth had a complete failure of understanding of the rules.

Cllr Paul Convery, a moralist prude who had campaigned against the cinema for months said:

People might say this is the council moralising, but it really isn’t. What people get up to in private is up to them …BUT… this is not in private, it’s a public place in a high street and if they breach lawful conditions, consequences follow. We’re not being prudish; we’re reflecting public opinion.

Resident and film historian David McGillivray called the decision to revoke Oscars licence, The end of an era:

I believe it has always served a small minority of men who are mainly respectable and well-behaved. London was once full of these establishments but now there are very few left. I hope people are not making moral judgments about this venue, which adds to the variety and diversity of the area.

The council was awarded full costs of £7,775 from Oscars.

Update: Unappealing Appeal

16th June 2014

Abcat gay cinema on the Caledonian Road in Kings Cross was set to appeal against Islington Council revoking the cinema licence. But the loss of a very similar appeal by Oscar’s cinema led to the venue dropping the appeal. The outlook seems grim for the cinema.


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