Living a Miserable Life…Sunderland council moralists refuse planning permission for swingers club

Posted: 17 June, 2014 in UK News
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vivente logo Aswingers club has vowed to appeal a decision to turn down an application for planning permission.Sunderland City Council moralists rejected a retrospective bid to change the use of the building in Hendon, Sunderland, to a private members club. Vivente private members club opened five months ago in Hudson Road, prompting inevitable protests from local killjoys.

Councillor Barbara McClennan labelled the club a vampire building , which would kill off ethereal plans to boost the evening economy in Sunderland.

But the club’s owners said they would carry on with their business and appeal the decision to deny the change of use.

Katherine Hind said £20,000 has been invested in the club, which she said has already attracted 450 members, including doctors, solicitors and paramedics. Ms Hind told the hearing at Sunderland Civic Centre:

We are family people with children, and most of our members are family people. None of us want to put our children at risk, so that is why we open at 8pm, when the church and school are not open. Nobody knew we were there, until Councillor McClennan found out and told everyone. We have been trading for six months without incident.

Pastor Anthony Aisien, from the nearby City of God church, claimed he was very concerned for children from the church and that church goers were no longer bringing their children to evening services. [But that was probably more to do with less and less people believing in religious nonsense anyway].

Councillors unanimously voted to turn down the application, claiming it conflicted with regenerating Sunderland city centre.

  1. Bethany Cooke says:

    I for one hope this doesnt go ahead.

    [Comment by The Melon Farmers. Sorry extended personal criticism deleted]