Stalinism is alive and well and running local councils…Parish councillors banned from speaking to the press

Posted: 21 June, 2014 in Uncategorized
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northern echo logo Can someone please let me know if we are still living in Britain, where freedom of speech and democracy are supposed to be held dear.

I ask because of the latest advice issued by the National Association of Local Councils to all parish councils.

It advises all member councils to adopt a new media policy barring councillors from speaking to journalists without the written consent of the whole authority.

The policy would also ban journalists from contacting councillors directly – all contact would have to be made through the council clerk.

It is completely outrageous to suggested that people who are elected to represent local communities cannot speak to a journalist – not even their local paper – without being stifled by red tape.

Imagine trying to get a comment on a local issue and having to wait for a council meeting to approve permission for the relevant people to say something on behalf of those who elected them.

I don’t always agree with Eric Pickles but I’m pleased to say he’s jumped on the daft suggestion from a great height, describing it as Stalinist .


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