Carry On Again Doctor…BBFC Cuts revealed

Posted: 9 July, 2014 in BBFC cuts
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Carry Again Doctor Kenneth Williams Carry on Again Doctor is a 1969 UK comedy by Gerald Thomas.
Starring Kenneth Williams, Sidney James and Charles Hawtrey. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb BBFC category cuts for 1969 cinema release. The cuts persisted onto all home video releases.

Summary Notes

Dr Nookey is disgraced and sent to a remote island hospital. He is given a secret slimming potion by a member of staff, Gladstone Screwer, and he flies back to England to fame and fortune. But others want to cash in on his good fortunes, and some just want him brought down a peg or two.

Thanks to Vincenzo. The BBFC cuts were:

  • Reel 2 – Reduce to a minimum the backview shots of Goldie [Barbara Windsor] on the bed.
  • Reel 10 – Remove line “Take your hand away.”

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