Worthy and Diverse…BFI demand political correctness from British films seeking funding

Posted: 13 July, 2014 in Political Correctness
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bfi logo UK film productions that receive money from the BFI Film Fund must adhere to new political correctness quotas from September, the BFI has announced.The BFI’s new three ticks assessment – designed to mandate diversity of ethnicity, disability, gender, sexual orientation and socio-economic background in the industry – requires applicants to demonstrate political correctness compliance across three areas of their production: on screen, off-screen and employment opportunities.

At least one tick will be needed in two of the three areas for a project to be eligible for funding

Projects will be independently assessed by the BFI’s Orwellian sounding, Certification Unit with qualifying films receiving a BFI logo certifying the production’s political correctness.

To further incentivise compliance each year one qualifying producer will be given a Lottery award to fund a diversity opportunity or work placement within their company for 12 months.

The BFI is also recruiting a political correctness ‘expert’ to support the implementation of the new guidelines and provide guidance to BFI-backed productions.

Examples of recent Film Fund films that would get a tick for politically correct subject matter include Belle, Pride, Suffragette, The Selfish Giant, Philomena, Catch Me Daddy and Calvary.


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