The Uncertainlty of Corporate Censorship…Bank censors circus troupe over skimpy costumes

Posted: 3 August, 2014 in UK News
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circus uncertainty logo A troupe of circus performers has been refused a business account after bank managers described their skimpy costumes as a moral problem .Entertainer Joshua Morris set up Circus Uncertainty earlier this year and applied for a business bank account with Santander so he could get grants to fund work with terminally-ill children.

However, he claims the banking giant denied his troupe an account because the showgirls’ outfits, a fringed bikini and stilts, were a moral problem . He was told on the phone he couldn’t bank with the company because staff had looked on the circus’ website and didn’t like the look of costumes worn by some acts.

The performers are baffled by the decision as there is no nudity in the family-friendly act – which has performed at Glastonbury and was a centre piece at the Harbourside Festival.

As always with negligent corporate censorship, the censors admit their mistake when caught out, but this rather asks the questions how many other business have been suffocated by bank censorship that haven’t had the good fortune to get press coverage. A Santander spokesman said: We are happy to review this account application following some clarification of the nature of the business.


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