Whinge Objects…Sexy music videos should be age rated claim miserablist women’s groups

Posted: 11 August, 2014 in Nutters
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womens groups against music videos Music videos should be age rated in the same way as feature films and video games because of supposedly endemic sexism and racism, according to miserablist women’s groups.Campaign literature criticises videos by Calvin Harris, Basement Jaxx, Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus for misogynistic depictions of women. It also claims rap videos, in particular, were guilty of presenting women in a sexist way, often as commodities and sex objects. Black women were subjected to racist treatment by being commonly portrayed as hypersexual , invoking ideas of black women as wild and animalistic .

Sarah Green, of the End Violence Against Women Coalition, called on the Government to introduce age ratings:

Some forms of media, such as television and film, are well regulated and our society accepts and supports this. Other forms like music videos are getting away with very little scrutiny and as such seem to be competing for who can most degrade and insult women.

If the ‘creative’ people who make them won’t stop this, regulators should rein them in and implement age ratings. More than 18,000 people have signed a petition calling for this.


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