Inappropriate location of the toilets…Scarborough council turns down table dancing licence application

Posted: 21 August, 2014 in Strip Pubs
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scarborough borough council logo Scarborough Borough Council’s Licensing Committee has refused an application for a sexual entertainment venue (SEV) licence at Chic Bar in Scarborough.The application for the venue on the first floor of the bar, referred to as Little Black Book , was unanimously refused on the basis that the layout and character of the premises was inappropriate for use as a SEV as set out in the application.

The committee cited the lack of central location for facilities for dancers as one of the reasons for refusal as areas spread across the premises would mean dancers regularly having to move from place to place via parts of the building open to members of the public. Other reasons included lack of a smoking area for customers and staff, which would mean dancers having to stand with the public in the alleyway outside the premises in order to smoke, and the inappropriate location of toilets for customers, which would result in female (and sometimes male) customers having to use a restricted staircase under supervision or leave the premises in order to re-enter the premises on the ground

99 representations from members of the public were made against the application but the majority of these did not demonstrate any statutory grounds for refusal under the formal licensing process and therefore the committee could not take these into account when reaching its decision.

The applicant now has 21 days to appeal.


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