The Spanish Chainsaw Massacre…2013 Spain horror by Manolito Motosierra cut by the BBFC for UK release on 22nd September 2014

Posted: 6 September, 2014 in BBFC cuts
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Spanish Chainsaw Massacre DVD The Spanish Chainsaw Massacre (Carnívoros) is a 2013 Spain horror by Manolito Motosierra.
Starring Hilario Blas, Pedro García Oliva and Óscar Gisbert. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb UK: Passed 18 for strong bloody violence, strong sex after 32s of BBFC compulsory cuts for:

  • 2014 88 Films Limited video at UK Amazon released on 22nd September 2014

TheBBFC commented:

  • Cut required to a sequence of sadistic and sexualised violence involving a child.

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