Missing Found Footage…BBFC publishes Extended Classification Information for Scott Schirmer’s Found (which includes spoilers)

Posted: 25 September, 2014 in BBFC cuts, New Releases
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Found Gavin Brown Found is a 2012 USA horror thriller by Scott Schirmer.
Starring Gavin Brown, Ethan Philbeck and Phyllis Munro. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb The film was cut by the BBFC for an 18 rated 2014 DVD release. Uncut in the US. Cut by 2 minutes in Australia after being initially banned.

UK: Passed 18 for strong bloody violence,sexualised violence, gory images after 4s ofBBFC compulsory cuts for:

TheBBFC commented:

  • A cut was required to remove sight of a murderer’s erect penis, during a scene of sadistic sexualised violence and threat.

The BBFC also provide Extended Classification Information (includes spoilers) :

FOUND is a horror film about a horror-obsessed boy who discovers his older brother is a serial killer.

Scenes of strong bloody violence include sight of beheadings and stabbings. There are strong gory images, both during violence and in the aftermath of violence, including sight of entrails and sight of eyes being gouged out of a severed head and eaten.

In one scene, a woman is tied up and partially stripped, after which it is implied that her breast has been cut off. Although aftemath sight of her bloody chest is seen, there is no detail of the actual cutting. Elsewhere, a rape is attempted but stopped. Another scene implies that sexual violence is taking place off screen.

The film also contains occasional use of strong language (‘fuck’), as well as discriminatory terms, such as faggot . There is also strong threat, moderate sex references and breast nudity.

It has been suggested that the BBFC comments about violence being offscreen suggested a pre-cut version. But reviews of the presumably uncut US release concur that some of the climatic violence occurs offscreen in the US release too. (See review from  filmpulse.net .

Taking a closer at the release information, note that the BBFC recorded running time of 103:11s includes 2 components:

  • 97:10s Found
  • 6:04s Dark Dwellers which is the fake horror film featured in the main film (along with a 2nd fake horror, titled Headless

The difference in running time has caused a little confusion in Australia with a version cut by around 2 minutes being noted with a running time 7 minutes less that the original submission. The 5m discrepancy could either be down to a PAL speed up, or else now  could be due to some running times not including the associated Dark Dwellers fake horrors.

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