XBIZ Adult Business Conference…And a very small feminist protest greets attendees

Posted: 27 September, 2014 in Nutters
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object protest xbiz It is reported that 8 women from the campaign group Object picketed the XBIZ adult industry conference in London. They waved banners such as: Porn is censorship, it silences women. Object told newspaper reporters: Porn scenes often contain aggressive acts , explaining its protest and linking porn to violence and racism.

The independent also report from the inside the conference taking particular note of the adult potential for futuristic virtual reality equipment from Oculus Rift.

Jerry Barnett, the UK-based organiser of the conference, runs an organisation called Sex & Censorship and explains that the British porn industry operates under stricter constraints than those imposed in America and continental Europe:

The UK sex industry keeps a low profile — there’s a continual cycle of moral panic about sex.

Webcam services, involving live performances, have been identified as a growth area Webcam services, involving live performances, have been identified as a growth area.

The conference’s key sponsors are billing firms such as Epoch Payment Solutions and Netbilling, better-known names such as PayPal will not touch the porn industry. Another sponsor is an age-verification provider, a reflection of the comparatively strict identity checks demanded of porn subscribers in the UK. Barnett explained:

It’s a very onerous thing and has destroyed the industry in the UK. UK consumers buy their porn from American companies.

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