Will some body think of the children…Government led UKCCIS discusses new ideas for internet censorship

Posted: 6 October, 2014 in Internet Censorship
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UKCCIS logo The UK Council for Child Internet Safety is a government led forum where it discusses internet censorship issues with industry and selected campaigners. It is not really limited to child safety issues.The latest minutes reveal discussions about:

  • Revenge porn .

    Maria Miller for the government argued that the posting of sexual images of adults without their consent should be classified as a sexual offence. The law is currently opaque in this area and there is a need for guidance.

  • Net Neutrality .

    There were concerns that the push for net neutrality does not allow for interference in a free internet, for example by imposing mandatory website censorship for public wi-fi.

  • Religious Extremism .Immediately before the Executive Board, James Brokenshire met with the four ISPs to talk about the inclusion of extremist material in their family friendly filters.

    Filtering often doesn’t reach content on social media platforms. The Home Office is in conversation with major social media companies about safe mode   have spoken to Google, Facebook etc.

  • P ublic Wi-Fi It is worth considering other areas of concern where public Wi-Fi has a role to play e.g. revenge porn and extremism. We should find out whether public Wi-Fi could filter further.

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