Birmingham’s Reputation…Council imposes a cap of 8 on city centre table dancing clubs

Posted: 20 October, 2014 in Strip Pubs
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Birmingham Council Birmingham City Council has imposed a cap of eight lap dancing clubs in Birmingham city centre, saying they will allow no more to open.The council’s licensing committee claimed there are fears that any more strip clubs, particularly in the Broad Street and pub and club areas, would lead to the city getting a sleazy reputation [to go with its reputation for letting schools get out of control?].

Four years ago the committee decided not to set a limit on sexual entertainment venues, but now opinions have changed and they have decided to impose a limit of eight within the city centre ring road, the current number.

There have been as many as 12 active strip club licences in Birmingham, although not all businesses were active at the same time.

Coun Gareth Moore (Cons, Erdington) threatened a further reduction, albeit without closing down operating clubs:

Reducing it further would not be fair on existing businesses which have been operating for a number of years given us no problems. If a sexual entertainment venue were to go out of business, we could then consider reducing the cap further.


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