PC Zombies…Tabloid newspapers try to whip up a storm about Asda Halloween costumes

Posted: 22 October, 2014 in Nutters
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asda halloween cheerleader Britain’s tabloid presshave been trying to whip up a little outrage about Halloween costumes sold atAsdaThe costumes are called Halloween Cheerleader and Halloween American Footballer . They are designed to look like they are blood stained, with an obvious bullet-style pattern on the costumes sold in store and online.

One customer, Sheila Pinney started an online petition platform Change.org to have the outfits banned and also wrote to Asda’s CEO Andy Clarke asking for the costumes to be withdrawn from stores immediately. She whinged:

Regardless of this detail, bloodstained American Cheerleader and American Footballer costumes are of incredibly bad-taste, even for Halloween.

I was actually left speechless when I saw the costumes, while seeking a suitable fancy dress costume for my 4-year old son, Evan. He asked me what the costumes were, as he is familiar with ghosts, skeletons and the usual Halloween imagery, and I actually couldn’t form the words to explain what they were, as how can you tell a 4-year old that he is looking at costumes depicting ‘shot teenagers’?

A spokesman for Asda responded to the whinges.

We appreciate that it isn’t for everyone but the majority of our customers love dressing up at Halloween, especially in spooky or gory costumes which inevitably can include fake blood.

And just a measure of the failure of the Telegraph and Daily Mail to generate any interest the petition stands at just 174 signatures, 4 days after the publication of the newspaper stories.


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