No Plan B…French arts centre to defy the PC lynch mob trying to ban Exhibit B in Paris

Posted: 9 December, 2014 in EU, outrage
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centquartre logo The controversial performance installation Exhibit B by Brett Baileyis set to begin a seven-day run on Sunday in Paris’sCentquatre contemporary arts centre.Campaigners wanting the exhibit banned and claim that the show is racist. Galvanised by the example of the UK where protesters succeeded in getting the show cancelled at London’s Barbican theatre in September, the French Collective Against Exhibit B continues to call for a boycott .

But the theatre refuses to back down to the harassment and says the show will go ahead in the name of both free speech and future dialogue over the many difficult issues the show raises.

Unfortunately, there’ll be a heavy police presence, says theatre director Jose’-Manuel Goncalves: People, families, won’t be able to circulate like they usually do. But the show will go on at Centquatre. He says:

This is not a racist work. If it were, there are laws in France which would ban it. It’s an important work. As many people as possible have to see it.

Tickets are sold out, not just for tonight but for the week-long run.


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