Release the full director’s cut of Ken Russell’s The Devils…Petitioning Warner Bros. US

Posted: 19 December, 2014 in UK Censor News, US News
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the devils In 1971, the late, great Ken Russell’s masterpiece The Devils was released in a highly censored form. The film was shredded to pieces by censors, who removed several scenes, including one that Russell himself referred to as the heart of the film.

Although versions of the film have been released since then, Russell’s full director’s cut has never been issued on DVD.

It is ridiculous that after 44 years, Warner Bros still refuse to release the director’s cut. Ken Russell was a hugely significant filmmaker, and The Devils was his magnum opus.

Warner Bros, you have no right to deny us of the director’s cut of the film. High profile figures like film critic Mark Kermode and filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro have demanded the director’s cut, and so do we.

Everybody deserves the right to access this film in its full form. To have it denied its audience is unwarranted censorship of the most extreme and groundless form.

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