Censorial Gits…India introduces internet censorship by blocking some big name and important websites

Posted: 2 January, 2015 in world
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india government logo The Indian government has asked ISPs and mobile operators to block access to 32 sites in the name of its censorship lawsGitHub, Archive.org,Imgur, Vimeo, Daily Motion andPastebin are some of the more familiar names included on the list.The leader of the Bharatiya Janata political party spouted some unlikely sounding bollox that the banned websites contained some content from ISIS.

Already it seems that some ISPs have taken action and cut access to a number of the websites. The Times Of India reports that its correspondents were not able to access Pastebin, DailyMotion or GitHub using Vodafone’s 3G service, although they were able to get on the three sites via rival operator Airtel’s service.

The addition of GitHub, a massively popular site for the community development of code seems a particularly harmful decision for India’s technology industry. And surely there will be a powerful lobby calling for the unblocking of at least this site.


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