Biting the hand that feeds it…ATVOD faced with having to raise fees to compensate for the businesses that it has suffocated

Posted: 13 February, 2015 in ATVOD VOD Censor
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ATVOD with award for service to foreign industry A can’t image mainstream video on demand companies are very happy about having to fundATVOD’s expensive moral campaign against the adult trade. But it looks like they will have to stump up more cash as porn companieshave been closed or forced to move abroad and hence no longercontribute to the costs.ATVOD have written in its board meeting minutes for November 2014:

The high number of Super A [top tier of fees] debtors at 60 days or more was noted.

The Board DISCUSSED at length the potential increase in fees in 2015-16, which was likely to be necessary as a result of a shrinking fee base as consolidation took place in a maturing VOD market. It was acknowledged that ATVOD had achieved a good working relationship with industry, and had established collaboration and built trust. The Board DISCUSSED cost reduction options and the paramount need to ensure that ATVOD had sufficient resources effectively to undertake its functions as a co-regulatory body. The merits of maintaining a research budget were underlined. It was considered important that ATVOD should be open, honest and transparent about the cost of providing a high quality regulatory service for stakeholders.

The Board CONSIDERED that it was appropriate for stakeholders to be aware of the volatility of fee income from ODPS, and the impact on ATVOD. The Fees Consultation document would continue to provide additional detail about the specific activities that ATVOD undertakes and the resources required.


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