Police censorship…Miserable police raid London’s last unlicensed sex cinema

Posted: 25 February, 2015 in Police Censorship
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Metropiltan Police badge A cinema where customers were allegedly enjoying sex at screenings of hard-core porn movieshas been raided bymiserablist police. Billed online as London’s last remaining porn cinema, the venue – an old printing shop – was allegedly charging viewers £15 to watch the explicit movies. The auditorium comprised three four-seater rows facing a big screen showing hardcore porn.An undercover local newspaper reporter recently snitched on customers romping in the aisles including a woman clad in red lingerie who was performing sex acts on male viewers. Other men were seen performing sex acts on themselves as they watched the X-rated footage on a big screen.

Policemen and Lewisham Council morality officials raided the venue in New Cross, south London. They found 10 people inside and quizzed the venue’s manager, said to be a porn connoisseur called Roger .

Sergeant Mark Alger said that the customers – all middle-aged males – were ejected. Police Sergeant Matt McGrath from the licensing team threatened: Lewisham Police will continue working with the council to identify premises where unauthorised licensable actives are taking place.


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