The Wild Angels 50th Anniversary Edition…1966 USA action drama by Roger Corman famously once banned by the BBFC, now just released on UK DVD

Posted: 3 April, 2015 in BBFC Bans, New Releases
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Wild Angels 50th Anniversary DVD Wild Angels is a 1966 USA action drama by Roger Corman.
Starring Peter Fonda, Nancy Sinatra and Bruce Dern. Youtube link BBFC link IMDb UK: Previously passed 15 uncut for strong sexualised threat and moderate drug use for:

  • 2015 Three Wolves Ltd R0 DVD at UK Amazon released on 30th March 2015

There is alsoa US releaseReviews

UK Censorship History

Banned by the BBFC for 1966 cinema release. Cut by the BBFC for an X rated 1972 cinema release. Uncut and 18 rated for VHS. Uncut and 15 rated for DVD.

Promotional Material

Peter Fonda plays ‘Heavenly Blues’, the leader of the Wild Angels from California in this controversial motorcylce movie.

Blues pal Loser (Bruce Dern) enlists the help of the motorcycle gang to help track down his stolen bike. Arriving in Mecca, the gang blame a group of Mexicans and a fight breaks out. Shot by police, Loser is taken to hospital to recover before being prosecuted. The Wild Angels attempt to rescue him and use the occasion to run rampant in the place throughout the hospital.


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