John Whittingdale appointed as the Secretary for Censorship Culture…The Daily Mail’s favourite ‘go to’ politician for censorial sound bites appointed as the government’s chief censor

Posted: 13 May, 2015 in Internet Censorship
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john whittingdale Tory MP JohnWhittingdale, the chair of the Culture, Media and Sport select committee over the last decade, is the new Culture Secretary, taking over fromSajidJavid.Whittingdale has a lamentable record of being one of the Daily Mails favourite ‘go to’ sources for a censorial or moralistic sound bite.

The BBC is non too impressed by the appointment, as the broadcaster is often the target of Whittingdale’s critical comments and sound bites. And of course it is one of the Culture Secretary’s jobs to steer through the upcoming BBC charter that will apply for the next decade.

In fact, the BBC apparently responded to the appointment by tweeting Whittingdale’s anti-gay voting record, but soon thought it better of it, and deleted the tweets.


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