The latest most outrageous computer game ever…Hatred released on Steam

Posted: 3 June, 2015 in Video Games
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hatred game logo Destructive Creations’ first game, Hatred , is now available on Steam with an adults only AO rating from theESRB. The gameis described by its creators as a mass shooting simulator, though most reviews we’ve read so far suggest that – besides the death animations (whichcan be a little over the top in the violence department) – the game is your average run-of-the-mill run and gun game.Whether the game deserves the rating it got from the ESRB is still up for debate because – besides the dialog of the protagonist talking about all the killing he’s doing and how he apparently hates everyone – the game isn’t any more violent than a Postal game or the latest version of Grand Theft Auto.

The game also only seems to be available on Steam, with other online digital distributors like banning it. Twitch tried to be a bit subtle about its ban by changing its policies such that games rated AO by the ESRB are banned in general. Rather signposting that ban was more or less specific to Hatred, Twitch is fine with adults only rating from all the other world games rating organisations. Most people have turned to Twitch competitor Hitbox to stream the game as a result.

Polygon , a reliably hysterical gaming rag published by Vox Media, was first out of the gate in the ‘outrage’ stakes, saying the game caused them genuine revulsion . And then, as night follows day, eager social justice warriors determined to prove what virtuous people they are chipped in, setting up a petition to have the game banned. Most of these people do not play, or even really care about, video games. They just enjoy whingeing.


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