Arsey PC whingers…Cover of Jilly Cooper’s Riders sanitised for 2015

Posted: 7 June, 2015 in Book Censorship, Political Correctness
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1985 – 2007


Jilly Cooper’s novel Rider is a tale of saucy goings-on in the Cotswolds showjumping set with an iconic cover showing a woman holding a riding crop, with a man’s hand place firmly on her derriere.

But in these politically correct times, the image has been sanitised on the new cover for the latest edition,  much to the disapproval of Jane Warner, owner of the bottom in question.

The former Page 3 model, said changes to make the image less provocative were a damn shame and showed there was nothing naughty but nice any more :

To me it is pointless, it is too PC. It seems a sign of the times — things are going that way, things are more sanitised.

In the 1970s and 1980s there was a lot of fun then but it was harmless fun, it was just nice. I think now there’s always a slur to it, there’s always something people think is wrong or rude or pornographic when it’s not.

It is one of (Jilly Cooper’s) naughtiest novels so what is wrong with that picture? Why change it? They should leave it as it was. My bottom is quite curvy but in the picture on the new cover it seems flat. I think men prefer curves.

On the new cover her bottom has been slimmed down and the hand of the man grasping it has been moved upwards to near her hip. The close-up shot has been replaced with a wider version which reveals her waist and the top of her riding boots.

Author Marian Keyes spoke for the politically correct saying it showed society was more enlightened and more respectful and more responsible about women’s bodies , adding: They’re not people’s property.


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