Fakir Off…The BBFC open their archive and discuss the rating of Carry on up the Khyber

Posted: 13 June, 2015 in BBFC cuts
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Carry Khyber DVD Kenneth Williams Carry On… Up the Khyber is a 1968 UK comedy adventure by Gerald Thomas.
Starring Kenneth Williams, Sidney James and Charles Hawtrey. Youtube link BBFC link IMDb

Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond looks after the British outpost near the Khybar pass. Protected by the kilted Third Foot and Mouth regiment, you would think they were safe. But the Khazi of Kalabar has other ideas. He wants all the British dead! But his troops fear the “skirted-devils”; they are rumoured not to wear anything underneath. Then one is caught with his pants on…

Carry On… Up The Khyber was passed A on film after three cuts to remove risque dialogue, including a line considered to play on the f-word , when the character Bungdit Din, (Bernard Bresslaw) said: He’s just a travelling fakir . In 1968, the A certificate permitted persons under 16 to see the film, provided they were accompanied by an adult.

Carry On… Up The Khyber was submitted for video classification in April 1987, with Bungdit Din’s line re-instated. The Examiner report available here, notes the innocuous nature of the line, compared to an earlier use of Fakir off , which depends much more on similarities to the f-word .

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