French Dictatorship…Internet censor wants Google to implement its censorship demands worldwide, not just in France

Posted: 16 June, 2015 in EU, Internet, US News
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France flag Google has 15 days to comply with a demand from France’s internet censor to extend the right to be forgotten to all its search engines.Google has responded to European censorship under the right to be forgotten by only removing the required information for the copy of the search engine specific to the censoring country. And in particular leaves the links live in the global version.

French censor CNIL said Google could face sanctions if it did not comply within the time limit.

In response, Google said in a statement:

We’ve been working hard to strike the right balance in implementing the European Court’s ruling, co-operating closely with data protection authorities.

The ruling focused on services directed to European users, and that’s the approach we are taking in complying with it.


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