Freedom of speech is not trumped by privacy…Brazil’s Supreme Court overturns ban on unauthorized biographies

Posted: 17 June, 2015 in world
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Brazil Brazil’s Supreme Court has ruled unanimously to overturn a 13-year-old federal ban on unauthorized biographies. All nine judges agreed that articles within Brazil’s Civil Code that force writers toobtain permission before publishing biographical books for commercial purposes are unconstitutional, and represent unlawful censorship.However, the court explained that musicians, politicians, actors, or any subjects of a biography, maintain the right to sue in court if they do not agree with the book’s contents, but only after the book is published.

Judge Cármen Lúcia argued that freedom of speech cannot be trumped by a public figure’s right to privacy. She said:

Censorship is a way of silencing others. Even worse, it is a way of silencing the Constitution. I do not believe it is constitutional to shred the freedom of all for the freedom of one, she said.


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