Fang Fest…Daily Mail reports on a few very young kids being frightened by Jurassic World when their silly parents didn’t read the label

Posted: 22 June, 2015 in BBFC, New Releases
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Jurassic World DVD Chris Pratt The fourth film in the Jurassic Park series has already taken more than £370 million worldwide and is the UK’s No 1 movie. But the scenes of bloodthirsty dinosaurs in 3D have left a few young children in floods of tears. Commentators have noted that the film is a fang fest and by far the bloodiest chapter in the Jurassic saga .

The cinema film has a 12A certificate, which allows children under the age of 12 to view it if they are accompanied by an adult.

The Daily Mail noted 2 or 3 cases where very young children have been frightened by the film. Eg one parent wrote:  Don’t be fooled by the 12A and take a six- or seven-year-old.

A spokesman for the BBFC said:

The film is a solid 12A and not close to the 15 borderline. A 15 classification would of course have had the consequence that 14- and 13-year-olds would not have been able to see the film and this would, in our view, have been wholly unnecessary, and no doubt deeply unpopular as well.


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