Kanye West is taking requests for your favourite offensive words…BBC have fearful contingency plans to censor the rapper’s 10:15pm performance at Glastonbury

Posted: 27 June, 2015 in BBC
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Graduation Extra Reissue Kanye West BBC bosseshave been finalising contingency plansin case they can’t air a lot of Kanye West’s set from Saturday night’s Glastonbury headline slot because of strong or ‘offensive’ language.They want to avoid a repeat of ITV’s embarrassment which saw the channel mute the audio during his performance of All Day, due to repeated mentions of the word ‘nigger’. A BBC source said:

The set list can change at the last minute, so who knows what Kanye could say on stage?

There are contingency plans in place. A warning will be broadcast ahead of his set, advising viewers to expect bad language, but as he comes on at 10.15pm there’s hope it will be acceptable post-watershed.

Given his excessive swearing at the Brits, there will be a lot of nervy execs during his performance.

But they’ll have to play it by ear on the night.


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