Long forgotten freedoms…Russia’s parliament passed bill enabling internet censorship under a local version of the EU’s ‘right to be forgotten’

Posted: 6 July, 2015 in world
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Russian Duma logo Lawmakers have passed a bill enabling further internet under Russia’s version of the ‘rightto be forgotten’. The billwas rushed through parliament after only being submitted on May 29.The new law, passed despite objections from Yandex, Russia’s largest search engine, will allow people to censor search links about them that they do not like. i

The legislation is reported to be broader than the European Union’s right to be forgotten initiative.

Yandex, after failing to get amendments incorporated, said it had major objections to the final version of the law said:

Our point has always been that a search engine cannot take on the role of a regulatory body and act as a court or law enforcement agency. We believe that information control should not limit access to information that serves the public interest. The private interest and the public interest should exist in balance.

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